Pack of 1000 - Heavy Duty Bags with Tie

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Pack of 1000 Bags , Heavy Duty Bags with a MOUTH TIE , PP Woven Bag of carrying capacity up to 70kg's

Bag Mouth Tie’s are useful for easy closure of the mouth of the bag after filling the material

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  • Laminated
  • Un-Laminated

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Deciding your bag quality Daily/Medium/Heavy:

  • Daily Duty, Carrying capacity or strength 40 to 50 kg's / re-usable one or twice / ideal when normal handling
  • Medium Duty, Carrying capacity or strength 50 to 60 kg's / re-usable four to five times / ideal for rough use 
  • Heavy Duty, Carrying capacity or strength 60 to 70 kg's / re-usable many times / ideal for rough use

Laminated OR Un-Laminated:

  • Laminated bags are for water or moisture proofing the packaged materials under normal conditions
  • Un-laminated bags are woven bags useful to store and and transport dry material (which has little or no effect from moisture)

Warning: Do not use hooks when handling the bags.

Price is Including 18% GST

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