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Aavya Industries Pvt Ltd

Leading manufacturers, exporters of PP Woven Fabric and PP Woven Bags in India.

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the top world class manufacturers of PP Woven Fabrics and PP Woven Bags.

Few type of our Woven Bags and Fabric are listed below:

List of PP Woven Bags:
- PP Cement Bags   ,   PP Sand Bags
- Rice /Paddy Bags   ,   Pulses, other Food Grain Packing Bags
- Plain Laminated Bags   ,   BOPP Laminated Bags 
- Poly Coated Woven Bags   ,   Woven Bags for Fertilizers, flour and others

Types of PP Woven Fabric:
- Circular PP Woven Fabric / Tubular PP Fabric for making bags
- PP Woven Fabric Sheets for packing/wrapping applications (plain or laminated)
- Flat PP Woven Fabric Rolls for industrial goods wrapping
- Narrow width / Slit Woven Fabric for wrapping on wire bundles, extrusion profiles, pipes etc

Whatever your requirements are we are committed to producing the best quality bags at competitive prices possible.

We have top of the range imported machinery that produces over 100 Million bags annually including High-speed Extrusion line, 6 Shuttle Looms, On-line Multi-colour Printing machines, high-speed double sided Lamination plant, Automatic cutting and stitching machines and bailing machines.

Please feel free to contact us your requirements; we will be glad to talk to you and hopefully meet your packaging needs.

Manufacturing Infrastructure and Quality Control videos of our factory:


After bad experiences with quality packing material from over 10 suppliers, found the right one. Aavya's keen control and high quality standards help them supply best woven bags consistently

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