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PP Woven Bags: Laminated Bags, Printed Bags, Liner Bags, BOPP Laminated Bags, OPP Bags, Valve bags, etc

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  • Plain Open Mouth Woven...

    Open mouth Woven Bags

    PP / HDPE Plain Bags with open mouth and sewed at the bottom. Top mouth closing is usually done by hand or machine sewing after packing the material.

  • Tie Bags / String Bags

    Woven String Bags or Bags with tie's

    String Bags or Bags with tie's are for easy material handling and closure of the top mouth of the bag. This would otherwise require use of a sewing machine. Tie bags are favorite for hand tying of the bag mouth.

  • Polymer Coated /...

    Laminated woven bags

    Laminated woven bags are used heavily for incorporating moisture or water resistant properties in the bags. Keep the packaged material dry and moisture proof under normal circumstances.

  • Valve Bags

    PP Woven Valve Bags

  • Printed Woven Bags

    Colour Printed Woven Bags

  • Liner Bags

    PP Woven Bags with a LDPE/HDPE liner inside

  • FIBC Bags , Jumbo...

    FIBC Bags , Jumbo Bags, Bulk 1 Ton Bags

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items